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Provide the youth with the positive values of good sportsmanship, teamwork, self-discipline and responsibility through the sport of ice hockey.


Develop and promote the sport of ice hockey in the Kingdom of Bahrain and introduce a new generation of athletes that can compete on the regional and international level.




Our vision is to become an integral part of hockey culture. Be recognized by fans, Athletes and the community, as a successful sports organization by providing a positive environment, which consistently produces the best Ice Hockey experience possible in the Kingdom and the region. 



Focus on the development of the age groups from 6 years to 18 years, and the development of the women's team to have full capable teams to compete by 2022.

Providing a sports facility for this kind of sport, which in turn will stands out the position of the Kingdom on the regional and international level, in which will be reflected on the technical performance and growth of the sport.

Encouraging local sports clubs to enrollee ice hockey as one of their key sports and expand the practice of ice hockey in Bahrain.

With the help of International Ice Hockey Federation IIHF and the Bahrain Olympic Committee we hope to take the sport to next level by opening an ice hockey academe to serve as our corner stone in producing a new generation of athletes.